Below is Maggie Thomann's graphic design portfolio, which consists of digital art produced for an educational tech NGO, website banners and cover photos created for fellow Etsy shop owners, posters, and personal art. This portfolio represents Maggie's work as a whole from 2011 to the present.

CareUp App Logo & Art

During a summer spent with the Reach Trust, an educational tech NGO in South Africa, I created the logo and digital art for CareUp, an app that provides early childhood education resources to caretakers in South African townships.




Etsy Banners & Covers

As a graphic designer on Etsy for almost 5 years, I've created over 900 banners for fellow Etsy shop owners and have received over 500 5 star feedback reviews. Below is a selection of various banners and covers I've created based on the wishes of my customers and my own artistic inspiration.

Student Government

Below are a few of the posters and notecards I've designed as Art and Design Coordinator in the Department of Communications in Student Government at the University of Notre Dame.

Personal Art

Below are posters I've designed to sell on my second Etsy shop (QuoteNote) or just simply gift to friends.