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To Be Released Fall 2017

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Tax &
RP Guide

Released Jan 26, 2017

The Tax & RP Guide app assists state, county, & city employees and retirees with financial retirement decisions. The app contains retirement plan/IRA distribution calculators consisting of three different scenarios, a pension break-even calculator, a pro-rata calculator (determines the pro-rata distribution of after-tax money from a pension/ retirement plan or IRA), a pension analyzer, and final average salary (FAS) calculators.

FDNY & NYPD Tier 2
Pension Analyzer

Released Jan 16, 2017

The purpose of this calculator is to assist FDNY-NYPD Tier 2 (app't date prior to July 1, 2009) pre-retirees (ages 40 to 65) in determining whether to remove their pension contributions (referred to as final loan, excess, overage, final withdrawal, etc.) based on various assumptions.

NYS & NYC Tier 4
Pension Estimator

Released Feb 8, 2017

The purpose of this app is to provide NYS/NYC Tier 4 pension members a service pension estimate based on user input of retirement age (55 to 75), final average salary, and years of service (5 to 45).